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The Technical Procurement and Inventory Officer will be responsible for carrying out administrative activities within the Technical procurement unit, in order to support the procurement and purchasing strategies of Main One. He will also be largely responsible for the implementation of inventory management policies and processes within MainOne.

Specifically the job holder will be responsible for the following
  • Coordinate the accurate completion of purchase requisitions from user units within the Technical department and other Non-Technical functions; 
  • Receive and review all requisitions for the purchase of technical and non-technical items, ensuring they are properly approved and within budget 
  • Source, process and coordinate the analysis of valid quotations/ tenders for approved items; 
  • Engage in negotiations with suppliers/ vendors (with the approval of the Senior Manager, Procurement and coordinate the issuance of purchase orders, after due approvals have been obtained; 
  • Ensure all purchase orders are authorized by management, dispatched to vendors for acknowledgement and file with supporting documents; 
  • Review vendor invoices and ensure they are in line with PO and contract terms. 
  • Manage contracts and agreements effectively according to agreed terms and processing renewals when due. 
  • Co-ordinate and manage cost of sales requirements from the requesting units/departments; 
  • Support the implementation of inventory management policies and procedures, upon due approval by the Head of Procurement and relevant authorities within the organization; 
  • Receive, record, review and oversee proper documentation of all technical stock (technical department items); 
  • Maintain an updated inventory records management system ; 
  • Be abreast of the latest inventory management and material handling tools, technology and procedures. 
  • Ensure appropriate authorization for the release of stocks as well as proper documentation for relocation of items; 
  • Proactively track the movement of inventory items from one location to another; 
  • Update system records of items against physical balances. 
  • Receive all inventory items ordered, match with PO and update the inventory records regularly; 
  • Conduct periodic demand planning to determine needs and requirements for goods and services 
  • Other duties that may be assigned. 

  • Technical team, Non-technical Teams, vendors and customers. 
Qualification/Competencies Required 
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Business, Economics, Engineering or Science related discipline. 
  • Minimum of 3 years’ post-NYSC experience in Procurement or Supply Chain Management and/or Finance environment 
  • Integrity and ability to deal with confidential information are essential. 
  • Ability to define and understand technical requirements. 
  • Good sourcing and negotiation skills 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills 
  • Advanced proficiency in MS office suite 
  • Good working knowledge of data processing and management 
  • Ability to work and deliver promptly within tight timelines with minimal supervision. 
  • Good working knowledge of ERP system. 
  • Strong numeric and analytical skills 
  • Effective time management skills 
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

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